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Updated: 6/21/2020

OTC Health Solutions has partnered up with CVS for the myorder.otchs member services based on your current benefit plan through Aetna and other providers.

These benefits roll over, allowing you to place one order per month or two per quarter.

Are You Eligible?

Accessing these benefits is as simple as looking at your GlobalHealth Medicare Advantage card and finding your member ID, which can be used to place online OTC orders.

global health card

Note: If you can’t find this number, then you should contact your current healthcare provider to inquire about receiving a new card, or requesting that they lookup your current benefits and cover these details by phone.

State by State Coverage

Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio and Texas

Steps To Sign Up

  1. Click the white button with the red outline that is labeled “Create Account”.
  2. You will be taken to where you can add your details.
  3. Provide your member ID, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Email Address and additional information for your own privacy.
  4. Next you will press the red “Continue” button where you will be taken to the final steps to setup your profile.

Important: We have received reports from some users that the signup page buttons have stopped working. Even existing customers are unable to access the site’s full features. If this is the case for you we recommend calling OTC Health Solutions for help at 1-833-331-1573.

How To Order Online

Make sure you have access to the following:

Supplemental Ordering Information

What is the diamond icon mean?
On some items of the OTC products catalog, you will find items that contain a diamond shape icon. To place an order on these items you will first need to speak with your physician. These items are typically for individuals with medical conditions requiring doctor approval.

What does the star icon mean?
Items that contain a star icon next to them are covered by Medicare Part B or Part D and may not qualify for OTC coverage since Medicare would handle the costs. These items could include gauze or materials for surgical wound dressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order extra products than I need at the moment?
You are not allowed to exceed the amount online or by phone that your benefits offer.

What is the limit on items that can be ordered?
Five items of the same kind on monthly orders or 15 on quarterly orders.

How Long do orders typically take for shipping?
Most orders are received within 7 to 10 days of placing an order either by phone or online.

What Happens If I receive a damaged item?
If you receive a damaged item, it is recommended that you call OTC health solutions within 30 days of receiving your order to file a claim. Once your claim is processed then another replacement shipment will be sent out.

Can I place an order online through OTCHS and then pick them up at a local store?
This is not typically the case, as the service being provided is by mail and not in-store.

Why does the call to order take so long?
Towards the beginning and end of the calendar month, high call volume can result in delays and long wait times to order. If you have the ability to do so, ordering online can save you valuable time.

When will my order be processed?
Orders received are processed on the same day unless they are submitted after 12 am EST.

Site Accessibility Issues

Ensure you are typing in the proper name of the website. Some common misspellings include myorder.otchs.cpm, myorder.otchs.comm, myorder.otchs.c0m and other variations.

Have Additional Questions?

You can call 1-833-331-1573 between the hours of 9AM and 8PM Eastern time during normal business working days of Monday through Friday.