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UnitedHealthCare has teamed up with FirstLine Medical to provide services to consumers with a “HealthProductsCard” account.

This program was created in 2018, and focused around OTC essentials that most consumers need.

With a products list of over 400+ items, customers can shop online, by phone, through mail, and in-stores at participating retailers.

First Line Medical supplies a comprehensive products list of items ranging from basic allergy relief tablets to diabetes and glucose gel items.

Many of the items on the list can be ordered only after a discussion with a health care physician. These items are listed with a special annotation when viewing the catalog.

This seamless solution for both UnitedHealthCare and consumers allows for faster transaction times.

Health Products Card Benefits

The Health Products Card offers multiple convenience and wellness options as shown below.

  • Pre-loaded debit card
  • Free shipping on orders
  • 4 ways to order products
  • $100 in credits at the beginning of each quarter
  • Check card balance online
  • Health care products at no additional charge

How Credits Work

On the first day of each quarter, $100 in credits will automatically be applied to your account. This is a total of $400 for each calendar year.

Additionally, please keep in mind that on the date of December 31 any outstanding credits in an account will expire.

This means you will need to make use of these credits before the final day of the current calendar year.

Account Creation Steps

Setting up an account can be quick and simple.

The following steps outlined below provide instructions needed to complete an account setup.

  1. First go to the blue create account link on the main page at
  2. Enter your name, state, and additional requested information including your member ID.
  3. Click next to proceed to your main account page (Note: If you filled out the information correctly you will go to a success page. If you did not, you will get a red box that asks you to call FirstLine Medical support.).

Card Activation Requirements

If you have already setup an account at, then you may activate your card.

The following items will still be required.

  • Your card number for benefits
  • Expiration date on the card
  • Your date of birth

Important: Make sure you complete the information in under 15 minutes as this is a secure session that will reset if you take too long.

Products Available To Order

Download Health Products Card Catalog For 2020 by logging into your account and going to the PDF available for viewing or printing.

Below is a shortlist of what you can expect to see on the main catalog.

  • Antacid liquid
  • Cough drops
  • DM Cough syrup
  • Mucus relief nasal spray
  • Milk of magnesia
  • Stool softener softgels
  • Gas relief tablets
  • Muscle and joint gel
  • Multivitamin gummies

Customer Service

To get in touch with the customer service department, you can call 1-800-976-1849.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 7am to 7pm central time.