5 Great Places To Live For Active Seniors

Getting older doesn’t always mean becoming less active. A balanced routine of exercise and daily activities that feed both the mind and body are essential for a meaningful life.

Today we are going to cover some of the top places to live in the United States for active seniors.

Fort Myers Florida

The sunny state of Florida offers plenty of beach and outdoor activities for most of the year. Fort Myers in particular is popular with seniors, and has many communities that require a person to be 55 and older to live there.

Home prices in 2020 have started to decrease in Fort Myers, and should remain stable for the remainder of the year.

Frequent and popular activities include boating, fishing, Manatee watching at the canal, and many other wildlife activities. There are plenty of coffee shops and places to pick up nutritious food along the boardwalk.

The temperature in Fort Myers is wonderful, and for most of the year it stays within the mid to upper 80’s range.

Port Lucie Florida

Next up is another hot spot in Florida for seniors. Port Lucie has a reasonable cost for living, and is considered one of the safest places to live in the United States.

The state park is beautiful, and beach walks or jogs never get old in this tight knit community. For baseball fans, the New York Mets have a training facility where sports enthusiasts can watch players ‘take up the bat’ during the off season.

Weather in Port Lucie remains steady in the high 80’s during the summer months and dips down into the 70’s during much of the winter.

Sedona Arizona

If the beach isn’t as important you can always opt for more hiking in the “red rocks” of Sedona Arizona.

While Sedona seems mostly like a town for tourists, the 20 plus senior communities are quite strong, and offer plenty of outdoor activities and weekly indoor activities on hot days.

Music and film is another big draw for this part of Arizona, and many art lovers find this is a great place to settle and showcase their art.

The weather can reach up into the low 100’s during the peak of summer. For individuals that thrive in dry weather, this is one of the most beautiful and optimal places in the USA to live.

Cody Wyoming

The small town of Cody, is located just a short distance from Yellowstone National park. There multiple medical centers for this town of only 10,000 people, and about 20 percent of the population is senior.

Cody is a quiet town that offers beautiful views of the mountains. Activities in the area include horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, and nature watching.

The winters can get cold here, but spring and summer offers some of the most pleasant weather the USA has to offer.

Fredericksburg Texas

The great state of Texas offers plenty of retirement options for seniors, but if you have the means, Fredericksburg is one that tops the list.

Fredericksburg is in the hill country of Texas where you will find retirement ranches, museums, and wineries. Enchanted Rock park is just a short distance away, and offers plenty of hiking and bike trails.

The weather is beautiful in the spring and fall months. Summer months can reach into the high 90’s and is a great time to tour the local vineyards.